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Still waters run deep by squidmaiden
Still waters run deep
Song:… (so beautiful this time, worth it)
Aaah, back to the roots... how good it feels, gosh. Dark waters and wet, sinuous creatures. That's how I look at the swimming-pool: I'm the tentacled one :P
If looking at the girl makes you sick my work is well done. I put much darkness in this one, maybe the contrast should have been stronger.
There's much work to be done on my desk, but don't worry, there will always be time for art!
Crawling horror icon 
Request: dancers by squidmaiden
Request: dancers
This one was asked by :icontoshinden-fanclub: and was a really weird topic for me to do! I don't really know how to feel about this, so I'll keep good things: I'll never have drawn something like that, and I must rekon it was funny.
I had to draw some belly dancers with this base:… well as you can see I couldn't resist adding my personal touch :P

The dancer behind: she is supposed to be me! :o Angry, "blond", my blue eyes, my tattoo... I had to wear something related to my ethnicity, but I'm sorry, I actually don't know what I am... celt? visigoth? roman? arabian? So I took an ancient cantabrian symbol. And I was honest with my appereance: the girl in the base was thinner and more elegant, but I'm a runner and a swimmer, not a dancer...

Just below: she had to be my OC. The problem is that I have none, at least here in DA. So I guess I could invent her.

In the middle: in red (turkish) and blue (kurdish) girl. I had to fix the girl in red digitaly: please don't ask me to do this again...

The last one: a random pretty girl

Sooo hope you like how I managed it  ;)
You'd better fear the hunter by squidmaiden
You'd better fear the hunter
Hunting season -_- not funny. Last time I went to the plateau and back the road was full of hunter's cars with those poor dogs caged behind them. Disgusting!
How relaxing are portraits... you don't even need to think! And that was exactly what I needed this week. So I invented the colours, as usual. For the original reference, go here:… I'm just in love with this gallery, ok? I really hope she doesn't mind this T_T
I already started with a request I have, so for the next time something I'm not used to draw is coming. Stay tuned for more!
It's a rock fact!
More like this:……
Elegance by squidmaiden
Song:… You can't just listen this song without feeling sexy, and that's exactly what I need now, I've had an horrible day... and who says an horrible day says an horrible week...
Anyway, that's not your bussiness nor even mine, because the week is over, and I have a sexy man here for you (and me)!
They say reading is sexy. I add: as long as the reader is sexy too. So here is my sexy reader. Maybe he would need to lose a few pounds to become a model, but what the hell, I had a good time with him :D don't tell me a word about beauty cannons, I like true strong men.
Another task from my to-do list over. I wanted to draw a handsome man, just standing and being handsome, since there has been a long time since the last one. Honestly, I'm drawing this kind of characters all the time, but those are not the drawings you see, but the drawings I make when I'm bored, or tired, or simply I need some relaxing activity.
What was really interesting in this one was clothing. If you check my gallery you will realize that clothes in my pics are just shitty pieces of cloth that only cover what people would like to see. Not this time. Those are true sharp clothes which had all my attention, or at least a good part of it :P
It's a rock fact!  That's a rock fact!
Hi everybody! You want to know how zebras came to be? Here's your answer!


squidmaiden's Profile Picture
So... Hi!
Err... I'm gonna explain you who I am, I think that's it, isn't it? I'm a History student who wanted to be an artist but who's not. I thought I'd prefer to have my own way to express my inner paranoia. I have to make my inner shaman happy!
I love to draw, to paint, to write, to run, to play guitar (my neighbours don't like it at all), to be a complete disaster and to sleep. My Mom used to draw in front of me and that's the main reason for me to draw. Or maybe it's not, who knows? Once my art teacher put my work in her showcase, and other wanted to marry me. Those are my biggest achievments (till now!)
I'm in love with tentacles, nothing else to add ;)

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