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Leviathan by squidmaiden

I have beaten water!! (once)
Another exhausting one, but I'm quite proud of it ^^
You know you're a little bit weird when you do some political thought while drawing a Leviathan, but anyway that's what a Leviathan is supposed to be: a political concept. And, thinking about Europe, I was wondering, is Leviathan (as Hobbes described it) dead or has it evolved and it's stronger than ever? O_o
The answer? Summer is harmful to me hahaha

List of techniques (I think this time it'd be suitable): pencil, pastel chalks, watercolor, masker liquid, black ballpoint pen, markers, watersoluble pencils, acrylics, 2 litter tea and ten tons of patience!

My name's Coraline Jones. by squidmaiden
My name's Coraline Jones.
Oooh my gosh, I just promised myself that I'll pay more attention to my creations, and now I'm suffering it. This one let me exhausted! And the one forthcoming is following the same way! It won't be another fanart, I promise, I didn't run out of ideas.
I've been looking forwarth to make some Coraline fanart since months... I just have to say it's a creepy, incredibly well-done film.
Today is a stormy day here in the place where I live. The perfect day to count all the windows and everything that is blue ^^
So, here I am answering a bunch of questions. I was tagged by LeahPlainAndTallish. But I feel lazy today, so I'm going to fulfill half of the rules. Because I'm an iconoclast. That's it XD

Rules of the game

1.) You must post these rules (yipie yay)

2.) Answer the ten questions the person who tagged you made and make up your own 10 questions for the people you tag to answer (arg)

3.) Choose ten people (VICTIMS!) and put their icons on this journal

4.) Go to their pages and inform them that they have been TAGGED!

5.) Not something stupid like 'you are tagged you read this'.

6.) You have to legitimately tag 10 people. Or less if you're lazy. As me, yeah.

7.) No tag-backs. Pleaaaase.

8.) Can't say, no tags (I didn't wrote the rules, I'm just copying them… lol)

9.) Everyone that has been TAGGED must make a journal entry. 

Questions for me:

1. Do you like to drive?
I can't drive. Yes, I'm 19 and I can't drive... I've been too busy learning new languages ¬¬
2. Favourite food?
You can't ask a Spaniard about this. Potato Omelete, with any doubt!
3. Do you read fan fiction? Write it? If so which fandoms?
Nay, I prefer to write my own stories with my own characters, like that famous "man in skirt" mine ;)
4. Fave author and book?
Pfff only one? That's cruel... mmmpf I'm going to say "Der satanarchäolügenialkohöllische Wunschpunsch" (I'm sorry, I just know the original title and the Spanish one "El ponche mágico"), written by Michael Ende. You can call me childish! But I still love that book. I love the way Herr Ende writes. For children, but beautifully. (I'm sorry, Tolkien,  I still love you too)
5.Why do you make art?
Making art is a vital role: you breath, you eat, you make art, that's it.
6. Do you like to dance?
If nobody is watching to me... hahah
7. Have you got a pet? Tell me about it.
I've got two turtles bigger than a chihuaua, who behave like Dinos and who love to bite me and tear my skin into pieces. I'm in love with them :3
8. What's your fashion style?
Fashion? What's that? I wear black and Chewacca T-shirts. Deal with it hahahaha
9. Which historical figure would you have over for dinner, and why?
I fear zombies, so I would wake up nobody. However I suppose that I have to choose one... I choose this guy! Jack Churchill. This man fough in First WW with a fucking longbow and a Scottish sword. And he survived, of course. I think I don't have to explain why do I want to meet him, right?
10. Do you smoke?
No way!

Okay, I tagg nobody because I'm lazy.
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  • Reading: as fast as I can


squidmaiden's Profile Picture
So... Hi!
Err... I'm gonna explain you who I am, I think that's it, isn't it? I'm a History student who wanted to be an artist but who's not. I thought I'd prefer to have my own way to express my inner paranoia. I have to make my inner shaman happy!
I love to draw, to paint, to write, to run, to play guitar (my neighbours don't like it at all), to be a complete disaster and to sleep. My Mom used to draw in front of me and that's the main reason for me to draw. Or maybe it's not, who knows? Once my art teacher put my work in her showcase, and other wanted to marry me. Those are my biggest achievments (till now!)
I'm in love with tentacles, nothing else to add ;)

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